Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have this kind of habit whenever I ride a jeepney or in a long journey home, I spend my time figuring out people's identity by how they look like.

Most of the time, I judge their Gayness in my GayDar or Baklameter and lately, I have noticed that we increased in population. I guess double the size?? haha

I was riding this jeep a while ago when I started my deed again. I was in Quiapo and most of us know that it one of the busy places here in Manila. A lot of people to take a look at. A lot to judge,for my satisfaction.

Out of all the people I have seen, I have concluded that for ever 5 persons that I see, I can sense 3 of them by the way they walk or move. Talk about being judgmental I guess.. hehe but you can't blame me I guess, that is the way I see them and that might also be the way other people see them as well.

Seems like, our world has entered a new genre. Most of us are not afraid to ramp around in the area with an obvious "signboard" on their clothes saying Hey look at me. I am gay. They are already open to the world.

But, I am not here to criticize them. People like us before had experienced extreme discrimination in the past and because of that, they tend to hide. Now, since it has already been accepted in our era, who are we to imprison their freedom. They are the products of who we are before.

However, I might be living here in this modern world of openness but seems like my attitude is still affixed to the past. I still don't want people to see me as gay. I still act as a straight guy and I am much comfortable with it. I always try not to alert the PLU's GayDar so as to pose a standing Straight personality and somehow, I am managing to survive.

Someday perhaps, I would join them.. or not.. hehe I can't see myself on that ground. Peace out.

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  1. sa mundo natin...
    walang basagan ng trip.

    basagan ng itlog, pwede pa. hehe